At imPRESS, our story is home-grown. It’s a Canadian story of dedication, vision and, above all, a family working together to build a business we can be proud of.

It all began with the idea of making healthy juice that also tastes good. We took this concept to the limit, seeking out the best of the best and investing in the latest technology. After years of relentless work and countless taste tests, we’re really proud to offer multiple product lines.


Our mission is to maximise nutrition and freshness in each product we tackle, using high pressure processing to keep food fresher, longer without ever using artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Always organic and surely always imPRESSive.

Taste and health benefits through advanced expertise and techniques.

Our juices are put through high-pressure pasteurization, a cold pasteurization technique that blasts our juices with pressure that’s six times stronger than the pressure found at the deepest point in the ocean. This pasteurization keeps bacteria out while leaving nutrients intact. It lets us lock in as much fresh taste and goodness from our fruits and veggies as possible.