Boxes Refresh cleanse

24 x 354 ml
Pressé à froid
Sans Gluten

This is our refresh cleanse.

Suitable for all levels, carefully made with fresh organic ingredients!
Upon waking drink your probiotic, follow suit with your next juice 1 or 2 hours later and so on. Space out your juices throughout your day and end your day with a healthy plant-based meal.

First thing. On an empty stomach drink your probiotics!


Well, because acid is stimulated by consumption of food, taking probiotics on an empty stomach (mainly first thing in the morning), is ideal because there is less residual acid in the stomach. 1 billion vegan probiotics, for a healthy gut flora and immune system.

Water, raspberry juice*, maple syrup*, lime juice*, inulin*, bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086.

Morning. Coconut water-blueberry-lime

Blueberry juice*, apple juice*, raw coconut water*, lemon juice*, lime juice*.

Mid-morning. Beet-carrot-raspberry

Apple juice*, beet juice*, carrot juice*, raspberry juice*.

Lunch. Pear-celery-mint

Apple juice*, pear juice*, spinach juice*, celery juice*, mint water*.

Afternoon. Cucumber-jalapeno-spinach

Apple juice*, cucumber juice*, spinach juice*, celery juice*, lime juice*, kale juice*, jalapeño pepper juice*.

Late Afternoon. Blueberry-cranberry-ginger

Blueberry juice*, apple juice*, cranberry juice*, ginger*.

Dinner. Pineapple-spinach-cucumber

Apple juice*, spinach juice*, cucumber juice*, pineapple juice*, lemon juice*.

Evening. After dinner, wind down with our cold herbal tisane infusion with real ginger to help digestion and relaxation.

Our infusion is made with real ginger and citrus to help digestion and optimise relaxation.

Cold brew rooibos (filtered water, rooibos*), grapefruit juice*, maple syrup*, ginger juice*, lemon juice*.



Certified by écocert Canada.

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