Organic baby food

Cold pressed for a superior nutritional quality delivered within 24h.
Pressé à froid
Sans Gluten
Sans sel Ajouté
Sans sucre Ajouté
Organic baby food
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Our cold pressed purees are specifically formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients based on the development and nutritional needs of your baby. Categorized in 3 stages, from the simplest to the most complex, to guide the parents in supporting the evolution of taste driven by the rhythm of the baby.

Procédé à haute pression hydrostatique


Thanks to HPP, we can offer a product of superior nutritional and gustatory quality. Most of the products that are currently available on the market are shelf stable purees that undergo a sterilization treatment, leading to diminished nutritional values and poor gustatory distinction from one product to another.

Contrarily, HPP ensures to offer a product that is 100% safe, without using any heat. This leads to the preservation of the nutriments, and more diversity in terms of flavors and textures to prepare the little one’s taste buds for grown-up food. There are also a few baby food products on the market in the frozen aisle, which is not exactly convenient for a parent in a hurry. imPRESS baby foods are ready-to-eat and sold fresh, perfect on-the-go.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 1

Beginner for babies 4 months +

Single-ingredient puree, which corresponds to the Canadian Pediatric Society’s recommendation that foods should be presented one at a time at this age.

Stage 2

For babies 6 months +

Puree containing 4 or less ingredients, introduction to more complex ingredients to digest such as sweet peas, broccoli, spinach and kale.

Stage 3

For babies 9 months +

Puree containing 4 or more ingredients, with a more complex aromatic profile.

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