Understanding the evolutionary stages of baby purees

Our purees are divided into 3 age adapted stages defined according to the recommendations of the Canadian Society of Pediatrics based on the baby’s digestion and learning the sense of taste. Each stage brings together different flavors that will surprise the taste buds of your baby.

Stage 1 – Beginner

Stage one consists of single-ingredient purees, which corresponds to the Canadian Pediatric Society’s recommendation that foods should be presented one at a time at this age. This way, they can start to appreciate the flavors and learn to distinguish them.

There is no rule about the exact age to start Stage 1, it can be at 4, 5 or 6 months. According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, between 4 and 6 months, babies start to increase their suction force and put their fingers in their mouths. They also socialize while drinking. It is therefore considered, according to the rapidity of progress of this stage, that a baby can be ready to try the beginning purees around this age.

How to know when your baby is ready to start solids?

Stage 2 – For babies 6 months +

Stage two purees containing 4 or less ingredients, are an introduction to more complex ingredients to digest such as sweet peas, broccoli, spinach and kale… In order to continue your baby’s learning process by discovering blends of flavors.

Still according to the Canadian Pediatric Society, a baby between 6 and 9 months drinks in an adult-held cup, eats food with a spoon, starts chewing, and likes to hold food or eat with his fingers. It is also during this period that your baby begins to show his preferences and distastes towards the foods he discovers.

Stage 3 – For babies 9 months +

These purees contain 4 or more ingredients, with a more complex aromatic profile. This will perfectly prepare your little one to become a true fine gourmet

Here, from 9 to 12 months your baby starts to use the spoon alone and improves his precision of gestures to eat food with his fingers. Also, he definitely eats his meals at regular hours. The digestive system of your baby is perfectly adjusted, which explains the complexity of the food in purees of this age group.

Do not put pressure on these steps with your child. As you will understand, these are indicative ages. Every baby is different and takes the time he needs to grow at his own pace. It is therefore very important to follow him according to his needs and the signs he gives you along the way.

For babies 12 months +

Although your little one is starting to eat real meals, he is not too big to eat imPRESS purees. They can still be very beneficial as an organic snack with their nutritional properties.